Last week, eXtreme365 took place in Dubrovnik. eXtreme365 is THE conference where the Dynamics 365 community gathers to transform with Microsoft. Of course we at NORRIQ sent our team business and tech experts to get a deep-dive insight on trends. Our General Manager Jurgen Broos, Operations Director CRM/BI Stijn Hannes, CRM Expert Wouter Madou and Technical Architect Kenny Vaes were present to stay on top of the fast pacing and evolving Dynamics world.

Dubrovnik eXtreme365 2018

As a partner, eXtreme 365 is a must attend event to keep on delivering quality and innovation for our clients. Top level keynote speakers, crystal clear information of the latest features and excellent tips&tricks were given to point out where Dynamics 365 is heading towards.

The pace was high and a lot of information was given.

At the start of the event, 3 partners were asked to talk about their evolution. Out of all the partners, NORRIQ was chosen to address the public. Our general manager Jurgen spoke about how it was key that over the years we embraced 360 solutions for our customers. Our customers never had to worry on what application to use for a certain business process. We were excited to learn that we made the correct choice as Microsoft is bringing it all together.

How? We summarized this top tech and business event in 8 takeaways.

#1. Common data Service

An important change has been introduced together with the release of Dynamics Customer engagement, for some also known as V9. We saw that the platform is evolving into a centralized business applications platform, introduced as the PowerApps platform.

Microsoft puts a lot of effort in fulfilling its vision by bringing the different applications together,

centralizing your data behind the scenes by putting everything in the common data service for applications.

#2. Collaboration in MS Teams

Microsoft will soon make MS Teams available in Dynamics 365, rounding the circle on bringing everything together; Working on leads through OneNote, sharing documents in SharePoint, having conversations from teams directly on the record and finishing it all with a Yammer integration… We got overall excited!

#3. Unified client for next level user experiences

With the introduction of the unified client, the user experience is brought to a whole new level.

You no longer have to wonder how the interface will look depending on the device you use.

#4. LinkedIn

A few months ago the connector for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator was released, making it possible to see relevant and crucial information of your leads, accounts and contacts directly on the record. You no longer have to switch between applications. Now the story gets a new chapter with making it possible to simply drag and drop your stakeholders directly from LInkedIn on an opportunity!


​#5. Outlook app

Hot off the press: This week the version v9.0 of the Outlook app was released which also runs on the unified interface and other cool features as:

  • View Dynamics 365 records without leaving Outlook
  • Search in Dynamics 365
  • Pin app to be a fixed pane
  • Quickly create entity records without leaving Outlook

Unfortunately, syncing tasks is still not possible but we did got confirmation it’s on the roadmap! 

#6. PowerBi embedding

Setting up a new environment to develop and deploy Power BI Embedded involved defining and configuring several entities. With the new onboarding tool, the process is faster and easier to complete.

#7. Field service and AI

With the newly released Product Vision it is now possible to leverage the power of Artificial Intellegince for a field service technician. It was showcased with a demo in which a technician took a picture of damaged hardware that needed replacement. The system auto-detected the part by -analyzing the picture and matching it with the item list. It also showed Knowledge Base articles and detailed information about the part. Afterwards the system automatically placed an order for it. All this in a matter of seconds

#8. Dynamics 365 for Marketing

An entirely new application was shown off for the marketing department called Dynamics 365 for Marketing. This is completely build on the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales. In this way lead generation through marketing and lead qualification/follow up through the sales department remains centralized. It also included multi-channel campaign orchestration with customer journeys in an easy drag & drop interface.

Tip of the iceberg

At NORRIQ we were excited to learn about the new possibilities of the future Microsoft technologies. We forged relationships and gained real-world knowledge. Let our 8 takeaways of this high mass of the Dynamics 365 community also make you enthusiastic. While we write this and glance at the white paper of 222 pages we brought along, know there’s more to come!


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Stijn Hannes

Operations Director